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Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Keeping With the Theme...

...most of the dining room is a bit pared back and done in lots of naturals with greens and purples predominating. I was actually going to put all of my mercury glass away but when I put out the foil wrapped bunny that daughter #3 gave me several years ago, I noticed how nice it looked next to the silver and green mercury glass, so I left it out.

I really don't know what it is about mercury glass but I just can't get enough of it and the fact that they are making in in so many luscious colors these days makes it all the better-I snatch it up wherever I see it!

So, on we go to the dining room.

The first thing you see when entering our dining room is the baker's rack. And, if it is a holiday, it is usually covered in family photos. Easter is no exception. Here we have the overflow (the rest are in the living room and the family room) of Easter bunny visit pictures of our grandchildren over the years. I love putting these out every year and taking a trip down memory lane as I look back at how they have changed. My husband stops and looks at these displays often as well. Hard to believe time goes so quickly!

Next we see the hutch. Keeping it pretty simple this year. Mixed in with my spring time china and serving platter are my glittered bunnies and eggs, the wonderful "chocolate" rabbit my cousin made me and a few other favorite pieces. Like I said, simple!

For this holiday, the wooden box daughter #1 gave me is holding a very old painted bunny that was a gift from my son-in-law before he and my daughter were even married and a lovely green and purple cabbage in case he gets the munchies.

This is what is currently in the middle of the table because I am waiting for my "real" grass to grow. I am hoping I didn't wait too long. I started it about 3 days ago and have yet to see the first blade pop up-keeping my fingers crossed because I really like to decorate with real grass and flowers as it gets just a bit closer.

Lastly, here is a little guy that just spoke to me yesterday as I was out and about. Right now he is on top of the pie safe in the kitchen where I wasn't happy with the look the last time I posted but he is probably not going to stay there as he has the cutest little face and you really can't see it when he is that high-oh the complications life brings-ha-ha!

So, that is it for that room. A few more to go and then the big day will be here. We have big plans. Stay tuned.

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  1. Love it, looks great. Wish I had that banner because I need a little something else above my mantle and think a banner would be perfect but don't think it's going to happen this year! Sorry I won't get to see it.