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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Like the Energizer Bunny... birthday keeps going and going and going! Friday, daughter #3 and I finally got to go to lunch at one of our favorite cafes. We had a fabulous meal and shopped around their wonderful boutique. And, the weather could not have been more perfect!! Thank you Jennie!

Then when I finally got home, I was greeted by a beautiful Betty Cake-my favorite. These cakes come from a wonderful little bakery and cafe located in a gift shop here in town. These cakes are so in demand, that they must be ordered a number of days ahead. Guess my hubby didn't know that when he went in to buy one last week but, as they say, better late than never.

I sort of had my weekend planned when my brother called unexpectedly on Saturday morning and said he and my sister-in-law were thinking of coming down to go to the Spring Garden Festival. They wondered if I would like to go along. That fast, my plans changed!

 I borrowed this quote from 320 Sycamore. It says it all! The weather yesterday was picture perfect and the vendors were absolutely wonderful-every plant, flower, landscape necessity or decoration you could think of! Plus, lots and lots of wonderful advice for the "weekend" gardener like myself. We had a fantastic afternoon. Meant to take way more pictures but I was just learning how to use my new phone camera and I was simply having too much fun shopping and gabbing! I will share what I took but it in no way can portray to fabulousness of this event! But, the quote is right on the money-spring and summer in the sun and a bit of autumn(not really winter here in Florida) in the shade-plus a gentle breeze all day long-aaahhhhhh!!!

Then, we went home to visit a bit while my husband whipped out their tax return and we were off to dinner out to celebrate-yes, you guessed it-my birthday and my sister-in laws-which was in January so she is really milking hers-haha!

So, once again, I am using this afternoon to plan out my projects for the week. I have lots of great ideas-just need to be home long enough to start but I love my unexpected plans, so no complaints from me-tomorrow will wait another day!

Wanted to share a picture of a gift given to me by daughter #3. Once again, one of my kids has "nailed" my taste.

Because I like to vary the heights in my vignettes, I use many pedestals (and books, wooden boxes or footed plates) to give a lift. I am always looking for something that is functional as well as gorgeous! While most of my pedestals are cement, Jennie found this one at Renniger's Antiques when she went recently. It is carved from wood and then some of the detail is burned into it! I absolutely love it and the "presence it presents". When I look around, I am realizing that my current choices are getting bigger and bigger and make way more of a statement. Things that I used to think were large are now my smaller things and lots of little things have moved on. Guess change can be good.

Have a few more things to share but will wait til the next post-stay tuned.

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