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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Lived Through Another!

So I am now officially another year older. While my plans for my birthday were relatively quiet, they changed as they so often do in my life! My youngest daughter and her two youngest (remember-her husband and oldest were off on the frigid camping trip because of me "jumping the gun" on spring) called and said they were going to run over the morning of my birthday. I heard them arrive and when I headed to the door, I saw two cars in the drive. I was surprised by daughter number two and her youngest-her hubby and oldest were off at a volleyball tournament in Orlando. Could not have asked for a better present!

Since I wanted to visit with my girls, I sent my husband and grand daughter off to the theater and they loved the play and spending that time together.

We met up with them afterwards for a wonderful dinner and lots more talking and just catching up.

On Sunday, my oldest daughter came into town as well, so I got to see all three of my girls and most of the grand kids-what better present could I ask for (although I got some great gifts as well)?

On the day of my birthday, this Google header appeared on my screen:

And when I hovered over it, it said "Dorine Ravn's Birthday"-how cool was that?
I guess I got my 10 seconds of fame-made me feel like a big shot momentarily although I know it was only coming into my computer or else the rest of the world would have been heard saying "who the heck is Dorine Ravn?".

So we are on to a new week and I really haven't made any neat plans-taking it day by day. I did find a pallette Easter project I would like to try so I will head to Lowes tomorrow and see about picking up the necessary supplies.

Just a random thought thrown out. Has anybody else re-discovered the "Home and Family Show"?

I used to watch this show years ago. The name started out as "The Home Show" I think and it has been through a few different hosts but Christina Ferrarre has been on both the old and the new and I am thrilled that I found it again. It is on the Hallmark Network at 8 A.M.-for two hours a day. They do lots of different things: cooking, crafting, decorating, current events, health topics and on and on. Two hours a day is a lot for daytime tv, so I TiVo it and then I can run through it rather quickly and only really watch the things I am interested in. It is one of the only shows around that speaks to crafting and seasonal things so you might want to give it a try.

Just finally broke down and got a Smart Phone (hey, that is a MAJOR step up for me so don't judge!), so I am off to play with it a bit. I love how you don't get instructions with phones these days and there are ninety gabillion things they can do. I am learning the difference between a tap and a drag and which is appropriate when. I am learning how to download apps and widgets. I am having fun-until my grumpy husband comes home and is ready to throw his out the window. He REALLY doesn't like change! In his attempt to answer the phone, he managed to totally delete the phone icon. I know it is floating around out there somewhere, so I am off to capture it back for him. In his defense, everything about this phone is different from our old phones. You know what they say about "old dogs". I'll be back. Stay tuned. Just don't try to reach me by phone!

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  1. Happy Birthday Mom. Looks like we will both be closer to another decade this year!!! AHHHH! Will bring your gift the next time I see you.