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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Decorating Disclaimer!!!

I think I have told you before that decorating for Easter is not my favorite. Even though I do enjoy the vintage Easter things, the pastel color palette is just not for me. I seem to have more and more trouble every year trying to get things so that I am happy with them. And, this year is no exception. Add to that the fact that St. Pats just came down and Easter is almost here. I haven't really begun to think about the food I will serve, the table I will set, the egg hunt I will organize, the house I must clean, the yard I must tend, etc., etc., etc.

With all of that in mind, I will begin my Easter tour. I tried to stay pretty natural in feel-lots of greens and purples mostly. I also used lots of eggs, moss and flowers. Changed things up a bit and tried to keep it simple and not so cluttered. There is still tweaking to do but first I must get the basic canvas set.

You may have noticed that I moved my new PB lamp over to the couch table. I think it was too big for the blanket chest but I'm not sure I like it here either, so we will have to see where it finds its permanent home. I do like that it takes up so much of this space I was able to go pretty minimal here and be O.K. with it.

I am also not an "egg tree" kind of girl-don't know why-just never cared much for them. But, my oldest daughter had loaded up on tubes of these foiled eggs last year from Target and since I had missed out on them, she gave me 3 sets. Somehow the bottle of pussy willows just called to me. They were so easy to hang and I really do like this here.

I still have a few empty spaces in the living room. If I can find some time, I have some ideas for a few things to make to fill them in-if not, it will go as it stands.

This basket holds 3 of the 4 glittered rag eggs that I bought last year from Heidi Devlin at "Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly". I love them and have been on the lookout for an antique green funeral basket in which they will be displayed. I thought of buying more this year when I saw a give away on her blog last week. What you usually do is leave a comment and a few days later, a winner will be randomly chosen. I left a comment and then had my fabulous weekend of fun and quite honestly never thought about it again. Imagine my surprise when I was reading her latest post yesterday and saw my name as a winner of one of the sets of smaller eggs. They are on their way and when they arrive, I am going to find a wonderful new way to display them all.

Off to put all of the St. Pats stuff away and then I guess I need to sit down and get some lists going. Be back soon with another room to show you. Stay tuned.

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