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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Who'da Thunk It"??!!!

Oh my goodness!!!First this...

Yep! I have entered the world of "smart phones". I know probably everyone else that is reading this did that many moons ago, but not I. I thought I was happy with my cute little phone. All I really want a phone for is to make an occasional phone call...and maybe I need to text a bit...and maybe a picture or two...and so it went. The more I realized what others were doing, the more I thought I might want to try that too.

And so, off to Verizon we went. My husband totally surprised me by saying that he wanted to upgrade to the same phone. Now really, all he wants his for is phone calls and he is still having trouble getting used to the "swiping" but he IS getting there.

I on the other hand, have surprised myself at how quickly I have learned to navigate the thing. I still need a tip now and then (usually from a grandchild) because there are just some things that I need to be told, but I am doing O.K. I have even figured out how to add photos to my contact list....whoo-hoo!

I STILL really just want a phone for phone calls but, in this hectic world, I have come to realize the need for text messaging. Sometimes that is the only way I can reach one of my children when reaching her is urgent.
I know my phone does all sorts of other fabulous things, but quite frankly, my eyes are just not good enough to try to read e-mails or Pinterest. You will find me on my 19" monitor when those needs arise. But, so far, I am relishing moving into the new(?) millenium!

And then came this...

Oh my! What have I done? One day, when I least expected it, I got an email from a grand daughter asking me to be "a friend". Now, I have a facebook account only because one needed to be established so that I could have a Pinterest account. But, I never did a thing with it. Actually, I don't get it! I don't really care what everyone else is doing every minute of the day. But, I didn't want to hurt any feelings, so I said "yes".

And then, the most amazing thing happened. I sort of got sucked in. It happened when I was trying to keep tabs on the sister of a friend who was under-going a very dangerous surgery. I didn't want to disturb anyone at this time but I knew the family would be keeping everyone up-to-date with a facebook post now and then.

And so it began. I still don't really know too much about this new venture of mine, but if it does nothing more than keep me up-to-date on the members of my family, I guess I am O.K. with it. The jury's still out on this. Stay tuned.

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