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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Say What??!

O.K. So normally, when I hear the UPS man and see a box like this on my porch, I am very excited. Especially when it has Pottery Barn on the return label. And, thanks to "tracking", I knew my order would be arriving today. I just NEVER expected it to come in a box this large.

And then, I kind of figured out what happened. I was so anxious to order this particular item that I never read the whole description.

You see, last year I saw some flag printed pillows in the PB catalog that I wanted. I thought I would find them in the stores but by the time I realized they were only available through the catalog, it was too late for me to get them for 4th of July and too expensive to get them to stash away for a year!

Imagine my surprise when I received am e-mail from PB the other day telling me that a limited quantity was available on-line this year. Not only did I order one, I ordered two-because more is more! I never read another word-I just knew I HAD to have them.

I assumed-and you know what they say about assuming-that they were pillow covers following in the lines of almost all of their pillows these days. But I guess these are considered in their outdoor line and not covers but full fledged pillows. And, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am now a pillow cover only kind of gal.

Believe me, these pillows will not be going back, But, in my roamings tomorrow, I will be buying some zippers. It should be a simple matter of ripping out the bottom seam and adding the zipper-easy peasey. Then, I will have just the covers to store away for coming July 4ths. Can't you just see them nestled in the corners of my living room couch?

I just realized that it is kind of scary that I am actually already thinking of decorating for the 4th. It is fast approaching. Stay tuned.

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