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Monday, May 6, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes!

We seriously went from this... this...

Last week we finally got the much needed rain! I could not have been more excited. One night we even had the longest hail storm I remember ever seeing. The hail wasn't all that large, so no damage to cars, etc. but it did go on and on and it was so much fun watching it bounce all over the street, walks and driveway. By the time I stopped enjoying it so much and ran to get the camera, there wasn't that much left but you get the idea.

All of that rain not only made every living thing come back to life but it brought the most fabulous temperatures those of us who live in Florida could ever ask for...this morning it is 65 degrees and hardly any humidity. It is the kind of day you just want to soak up and hope it never ends!

And so with that in my mind, I headed out to spend some time with my friends for today...

...because, last week, in my enthusiasm for pressure cleaning, I managed to accomplish this...

Yes, I actually "cleaned" the surface right off the deck in very many spots. So, because I could not be anywhere else but outside today, I headed out with my trusty bucket of left-over stain and old bristle brush. I pretty much crawled all over the deck on my hands and knees looking for any spots I could find. It is a hard job because my eyes are not so great as it is and the sun and shadows make it really hard to see. Just when you think you are done, you see one more place. But I persevered and it looks like a new, clean deck right now-if only for a little while!

My husband and I spent this past weekend in Gainesville with daughter #2 and her family. Since they will be out of town at a volleyball tournament next weekend, we did an early Mother's Day celebration. My grand daughter's G.S. troop always has a M.D. Tea, so that gave us the chance to kick start the day.

Hannah got to celebrate the day with her mom, both grandmothers and her Aunt Cyndi.

I love this picture even though I truly look as old as the hills!

Anyone who has ever been associated with G.S. will recognize these skits that the senior troop put on. This one is called "the invisible bench". They said they were doing them to show the new little Daisy G.S. they had invited but I think they did them because they really wanted to. They have been doing them since they were Daisies. Old G.S. habits die hard!

Here they are doing "the queen's important papers". If I looked around a bit, I could find a picture of my daughter Becky (Hannah's mom) doing this at one of OUR G.S. ceremonies oh so MANY years ago. Once a G.S., always a G.S.

My sister-in-law asked me why we were having our pictures taken in front of a blanket with owls. It wasn't until we got inside that we realized that "owls" were the theme of the day. The girls served a wonderful meal of fancy finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, deviled eggs, fabulous desserts (shortbread, brownies, cheesecake bites, key lime cupcakes and butter cookies) and, of course, the obligatory tea. We sang, had some entertainment, made some crafts and ended the afternoon by packing up the boxes full of supplies and G.S. cookies that the girls always collect to send to our soldiers overseas. It is always a nice afternoon and today was no exception.

Then, we headed back to the house where my husband and younger grand daughter were enjoying an afternoon together. My brother joined us as well and we had more fabulous food and family time. Could not have asked for a nicer Mother's Day! Not to mention the lovely gift and cards I received the next morning.

Still hoping to get to the start of the fireplace painting this week-although I STILL haven't picked out the paint-but the week is young. Stay tuned.

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