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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finally...Sort Of...

Ever since I added the wooden frame around the mirror in our guest bathroom, I have been thinking about tweaking other aspects of the room as well. "Life" has gotten in the way and I just haven't had time to decide what I really want to do to make a major over haul-but, I was just getting a bit bored with what I had. Enter this idea...

I would get rid of the current shelf unit hanging over the commode and replace it with something a bit more updated. I loved this little cupboard when I bought it. I found it in a decor boutique that was over one of my favorite restaurants-both are no longer open. It was made from old bead board and wood that came out of historic Ocala homes as they were renovated. The bluish color is original to the board and I loved it. I filled it with some lotion and oil bottles and except for the occasional holiday tuck- in or towel hung from the bar, it has pretty well gone untouched for many years.

Then, I saw this on Pinterest and thought I knew what I wanted to do-just not when I would get around to it.

So that was sort of my plan when I found more time but I was getting antsy. As I was walking through Target the other day, I saw this...

...and pretty much just that fast, two of these boxes had jumped into my cart. They were only $20 each and looked so easy to install that I decided that even if these are not my forever solution, they would work for now. I do know that the ones I pinned would have taken so much longer to build and install and, quite frankly, if I changed my mind (which I do quite often) on them, I would have more mess to clean up than just a few screw holes.

And really just that fast, I had them up. I installed 3 drywall anchors and then the screws into each bracket using a level just in case my eye was a bit off . Then, it is a simple matter of snapping the shelf on to the bracket. I used the fancy, technical measuring system of stacking TP to decide where to hang the second shelf because I knew that when all was said and done, I would probably use the bottom shelf to store some extra rolls. This all happened so quickly that I really had not thought about how these shelves would be decorated so I just put some stuff I had on them for now-because heaven forbid there ever be a "naked" shelf in my house-even for a day or two. I think I am going to look for some baskets but not really sure just yet.

Just a reminder of what the mirror frame looks like. I think the shelves mimic that pretty closely so I am good for now.

Had to give you one more look at these beautiful irises-they have opened up more now and it really is a miracle I got anything else done today-I have the hardest time dragging myself away from them. I love spring flowers so much!

This bathroom still needs more of an overhaul but for now this was enough of a change to send me on to another room-family room next. Stay tuned.  

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