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Monday, April 18, 2016

Yay! Just Gained a Day!

Best laid plans...hubby and I thought we knew where today was going to take us but plans changed and the errands we thought we had to head out to do actually "came to us"-don't ask. And so, I find myself with a full day at home and none of my big projects looming. Usually this would derail me but, our oldest grand daughter is actually running the Boston marathon as we speak so I am having fun tracking her and taking time to smell some of the roses and jasmine and tea my garden.

New umbrellas are "assembled-can you believe they actually came with a multi-paged booklet telling you how to put post A into hole B?!!-and looking good.

And, a few old friends popped out overnight as well.

This spot is calling my name-won't be long now!!

And, as indecisive as I can be, I think I have finally picked the color for the doors. It is similar to what they were originally but just a tad "greener". Looks like the rest of my week will be filled up so I am going to enjoy the break while I can! Stay tuned.

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