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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Does One Thing....

...always lead to another?

I have been posting about all of my spring maintenance projects of late. I have been getting so many things caught up. You know, all of those pesky little things that you can only overlook so long. Today I have been touching up a lot of places where paint has been chipped. I was starting to feel really good about the whole thing when I did the unthinkable...I put on those "new eyes" that I talk about so often. If you are like me, you can look at something so long that no matter what it really looks like, in your mind's eye it is fine. I guess I have been doing a lot of that lately because as I was going around and touching up paint, I realized that all three of the doors in the back of the house need to be totally repainted. They are not only suffering from faded paint but I think the pest control guy must spray around these doors as well. They look horrible and I can not put them off any longer. And so, as we are running errands tomorrow, I guess we will be adding on a stop at the paint store.

Yikes! Definitely time to address this issue. As much as I dislike cleaning all of these small panes I loathe painting them. I think I will skip the taping off this time and simply scrap the extra paint off when I am done.

And then, while I was busy tidying up the gazebo, I realized it was time once again to give the chair seats a new covering. Even though these cushions are under the gazebo roof, the Florida sun still reeks havoc and they need to be redone once a year. I have been using the same fabric for so many years I can't even remember. Can't recall where I bought this fabric but I must have bought yards and yards-and it must have been pretty inexpensive. I have no idea either what project I initially bought it for-just know that I keep pulling it out every year and the pile never seems to get any smaller. It is one of my easier projects and in just a few minutes, they are good to go again.

Thank goodness I still like this fabric...and, thank goodness the gazebo is a bit from the new patio as I just realized that my two different color schemes would soooo clash! Oh well, those $ Spot cushions won't be around that long anyhow. Guess next time I will have to remember what I have going on in other parts of the yard-lol. Stay tuned.

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