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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another For the Memory Books!

We had the MOST PERFECT weather for a Relay that we may have ever had-except for a bit of a strong breeze that made set-up a challenge...but, once the Relay has started, you remember why you are there and all of the hard work is forgotten. We missed having daughter #1 and her family here but they were Relaying in St. Pete where they were representing Caitlin's Crusaders as well.

Some of you may not know that we started this team 18 years ago when our second grand daughter was diagnosed with liver cancer at three months of age. She is now 18, graduating from high school and heading off to college and has been cancer free for many years but this cause is still near and dear to us all as we have had our daughter and sister-in-law diagnosed in more recent years. We are the lucky ones as everyone in our family is doing well but we have lost many other close friends to this terrible disease and have many others that are still fighting. And so, we pull our old bones out once a year to celebrate life!

This is just a small part of our whole team. This picture happened so quickly that I didn't realize that my brother and sister-in-law weren't in it...guess they were out taking a lap for the team!

Still working on getting the site ready. The wind was still blowing so things weren't going up until the last minute.

This colorful guy led off the survivors' lap.

Two of our reasons to Relay!

The DJ cranked up the volume and these three crazies got right into the swing of it!

We also got to celebrate our oldest grand daughter on her 20th birthday. Relay For Life this week and off to run the Boston Marathon next week! She is quite an amazing young woman!

Everyone gets goofier as the night wears on!!

And so we are now back home and back to thinking about spring...and all that comes with it. I have a LOT of stuff still to do outside but today we are regrouping and catching up so I thought I would show you the dining room.

I am not sure why but that strong pop of purple just felt right-almost everything else is keeping in the green and white range.

I just came across this cross stitch that I made for my mom many years ago. I love the sentiment as much now as I did then-perhaps even more as like in every family, we have sure had our share of challenges to face and still keep coming up strong!

It is another beautiful day outside so I think it is time to go and get some fresh air. More to come. Stay tuned.

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