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Saturday, April 16, 2016

"What Is Wrong With Me"?

Before everyone in my family jumps on that question, I will say it was meant to be rhetorical! But, especially this time of year, I do sometimes begin to wonder! I love a project-we all know that. In fact, I have trouble doing little things if I don't have a larger project driving me. And, that is usually the case this time of year. Spring fever has hit!!

So MUCH has transpired since I last blogged. We did indeed head out to purchase the deck stain and sealer. We bought two large containers this time and I went to town. The first coat is always the hardest-just like painting a room. Lots of taping off and hand cutting in. That first coat took me about 5 hours and then, after a quick lunch, I headed out front and started pressure cleaning the porch and circular drive. I stopped when I literally could not stand up straight...what is wrong with me?!!? There is something about theses kinds of projects that I truly LOVE!!! I don't care how dirty or exhausted I get, I get the largest feeling of satisfaction from a job like this.

Look at how clean the bricks and drive are-the bricks had so much algae on them that I didn't even realize the concrete had broken on the side until I cleaned them-thank goodness no other surprises were unearthed!

I like the addition of the taupe color to the porch as well.

And so, that is how my next two days went as well. I got the second coat on the deck, I decided to stain the front porch and I got the rest of the circular drive and all of the straight drive pressure cleaned as well. I knew the drive needed cleaning but you never truly realize just how much until you start and you see the difference!

Yesterday we put new "foot" covers on all of the patio furniture so that the deck stays free of rust marks-at least that is the hope and then planted lots of day lilies and perennials as well as put down about 16 more bags of mulch! That got me so excited that when the rain started, I headed in and stayed on a roll doing lots of little things I have been putting off.

My gerbera daisies are still so happy. I cut a large bouquet almost every day!

I love mulch. I think it gives the quickest "bang for your buck" this time of year-and can cover up all sorts of issues-just saying.

I really don't plan it but I seem to instinctively go to purples and pinks this time of year-and I guess I don't add the reds and oranges and yellows until summer.

Grape tomatoes and herbs just getting started.

Lots of day lilies just about ready to pop.

The side patio looks so much bigger to me now that it is clean-funny how that works.

Today we had planned to take it easy but when we opened one of our umbrellas yesterday, the sun had taken its toll and it shredded before our eyes so today we made a Target run and found two new umbrellas on sale as well as a few new outdoor pillows. I actually found these in the $ Spot. I know they aren't wonderful but they will give the pop of color I want and cheap enough to just toss when they fade!  We also found a new hose holder at Lowes the other day that needs to be hung.

We are supposed to have some rain and the skies were really dark so I figured I would be inside the rest of the day. But, as I look outside now, the sun is peeping through so off I go to tackle a bit more. No telling where this journey will end-stay tuned.

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