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Monday, April 11, 2016

A Can of Worms!

We'll get back to those worms in a minute but first, a quick look at this year's spring family room decor.

Gotta have a banner to remind you just in case you forget what season it is! Lol

Lots of old, rusty, chippy stuff on the mantle.

I am somehow always drawn to the tin things in the $ Spot at Target. I have a larger one in the kitchen as a sort of "catch-all"  and wasn't sure what to do with this one but knew I "needed" it. I think it works well to group the 3 similar yet different spring plants. As I am looking at it, I am thinking I am going to fill the bottom with some green moss to pull it even more together!

I love this window and this vignette. It is what I can easily see when we sit down in the family room any time during the day. The afternoon sun shines in and it just makes me happy! It is simple but encompasses everything I think of when I hear really doesn't take much to make me happy. I love my "nest" and am a pretty simple girl when it comes to most things.

I posted our Relay pictures from Gainesville but here is what was happening in St. Pete at the same time...our team's namesake was Relaying on her Caitlin's Crusaders team and Jasper couldn't wait to help out!

Now on to that open can of worms! As I said, I sort of gave myself Saturday to recoup but then hit the deck running-literally-on Sunday. It was time for my once a year pressure cleaning of the pool deck. I usually really enjoy this job but this year, as more and more of the finish came off and the original color was showing, it became obvious that it was time to re-coat the deck. This is a tough job made even tougher by the constant threat of afternoon showers this time of year. Since step one of the re-coat is to get the deck CLEAN, it is pretty imperative that the sealer goes on quickly before algae gets a chance to start growing again.

And so, that is why I am soon heading out to buy the supplies to get going. I am hoping to maybe even get started this afternoon. Fingers crossed that this will happen before the rains come. Not my favorite job as it is even more back breaking than the cleaning but something that needs to happen. At least I found my paint chips from last time where I had actually noted the next color I would want-it is an even darker shade of taupe and I can't wait to show you the finished project-whenever that may be! Stay tuned.

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