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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Devil Made Me Do It!

So going to a home improvement store should be a simple thing-right? That is, unless you are me. You see, I always park by the garden section of these stores so I can go in through all of that fragrant beauty before getting to the real point of my visit. And, as usually happens, before I even get three feet into the store, I am grabbing a cart and filling it full of that very same fragrant beauty.

Just when I thought I had all of the new plants put in and almost all of the mulch put down, I followed my usual pattern of not being able to resist. And now, I am once again facing this:

But, I did eventually make my way into the store and also came home with this. And while we are on the subject of paint-it can no longer be said that a new coat of paint can be a cheap make-over. Paint-regular old one gallon cans of paint-can now be as much as $50 a can! Since I change colors and moods often, I opted for the almost $40 a can stuff-a real bargain in my book-lol. In any case, I am heading out to do some preliminary cleaning so I can hit the bricks running-so to speak- in the morning and get one more spring project in the record books.

I just looked at this can and if this is the Maximum weather protection, what more can the more expensive can possibly offer?

And then, I think I am going to skip making the fence slat sign I was planning for spring and jump ahead to something like this for July 4th. The porch looks just fine the way it is right now with the pots of pretty spring blooms and the 4th deserves a bit more pizazz. Plus, I usually decorate for July 4th at the end of May and with the crazy, busy spring we have in our family, I need to get ahead of the game.

We are having the most incredible weather-so glad spring has sprung! Stay tuned.

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