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Friday, April 22, 2016

Strike That!

I had fully intended to post today about my haphazard style of gardening. Everyone always says what a wonderful gardener I am...but, that is really not true. What IS true is that I love gardening-I love color-I love flowers. But, that does not a gardener make! And this point was really driven home to me this morning.

It was another simply perfect spring day so I set out to do a few more things outside-including getting the newly purchased plants down. I knew when I was buying the plants the other day that I really wasn't sure where I would put them...I just knew I loved them and can always find room for more color.

I sort of thought that I would add the gerbera daisies to the garden where all of the other gerberas are. But, for some reason I decided I wanted them in the terraced garden by the pool. Then, I was going to put the pentas in another area but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to add them to this garden as well. And so it went. Everything except one penta and the lavender plant ended up here.

And what, you ask, is wrong with that? Nothing except that I just stuck them wherever there was a spot-with no regard to height, bushiness, etc. I decided that at my age I can pretty much do what I want and I kind of like the look of the haphazard garden-bursting with bloom with no regard to anything else-kind of like it "just happened". Of course now I have decided that there are more spots that need filling in so I will be heading back to the store in the morning.

I was going to show you lots of pictures but just as I was about to start taking them, the afternoon skies opened up and we are getting the most beautiful of spring rains. I know the plants are loving it and, honestly, so am I as it gives me an excuse to "call it a day".

Last night we got to attend one of our favorite school functions with the kids- the annual spaghetti dinner followed by an art and music show. Each grade level gets to sings a few songs and now that they have the stage set up outdoors, it is a beautiful way to spend a spring evening.

I always sneak up to the front as they are just getting ready because I "embarrass" them if I do it while they are performing. You can tell from each picture which one is "mine" as they are pretty much the only ones looking at me-lol.

I think the boy in the front row recognized me as Harrison's Nana-either that or he was just happy to have his picture taken.

So that is pretty much it for this week. I truly can't believe all of the projects I have accomplished-some of them were large but the ones I am the happiest about are the small ones. You know, those things that you keep seeing and thinking. "some day I need to ...". Well, I am proud to say I finally DID! Of course, that just opens up more plans so stay tuned.

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