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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Perfect Day!

A lot of people will probably not agree with me-and I wouldn't even agree with myself on this very often-but, it is pouring down rain today and I couldn't be happier! It is the first day in quite awhile that I don't have to leave the house for any reason and the rain just makes it the perfect day to stay guilt involved about why I am not working in the garden, washing the car, etc. Now I know intellectually that I don't have to feel guilty about not staying busy every minute...but somehow I still do.

Of course, I am getting things done today-just things that I enjoy and seldom have the leisure of any more. I am PLANNING! As much as I love Pinterest, I still prefer to leaf through old recipes, craft books, holiday ideas, etc. when I am making plans for a special occasion. Next week I am hosting a little luncheon for my sister-in-law's birthday. I want to make a warm, cozy meal (assuming it is still chilly around here) and a craft that we can all make together. Then, I am planning the little kids' Valentine weekend here at our house. Plus, my daughter has begun thinking about our bathroom renovation so I am supposed to be getting ideas for that as well. NOTHING better then a hot cup of coffee and piles and piles of ideas to leaf through! I am in my glory...and I will be sharing my decisions soon.

Until then, let's stop by the kitchen.

I SO love my tulips this time of year! I have already had two different colors this year. It is my splurge for myself...fresh flowers make me happy!

I went by Yankee Candle yesterday and found out that my favorite scent for Valentine's Day-True Rose-has been discontinued and there were NONE currently still available! Keeping ny fingers crossed I will run across more the next time they have one of their huge sales and send in disconitinued candles. Till then, I'm glad I have a few extra in my candle "pantry". Maybe they will surprise me with a new fragrance this year that I like just as much.

I love using my old, wooden tool caddy to store all of the little things I need so often. It may not look great but it sure is easy to find all of this stuff now that it sits on the counter.

This little bear is so old! Many, many years ago my husband did a countdown to Valentine's Day for me. Holidays have always been big in our house and when he thought of this all on his own, I was impressed. Every day for a week he brought me a gift. He started small and worked up to my "big" gift on February 14. Quite honestly, I have no recollection of what that gift was but I still remember this little bear as the first one...and, she comes out every year to remind me of just how lucky I really am!

In keeping with my new "keep serving things out and accessible and you will use them more often" mentality, I have my new slate serving board on top of the basket on the counter and added the heart shaped basket I made oh so many years ago. It is perfect for all sorts of things and now that it is handy, I find I am using it a lot-at least during the holiday. It looked sort of lonely by itself so I added one of the lanterns the girls and I made as gifts in the past. I light it at night and it just gives off the prettiest glow and makes the kitchen feel special.

It is still raining out there so I am off to make big plans. I am having trouble finding something special to make for Valentine gifts this year so that will be the first order of business. As I look back through these pictures I realize that I have been making things for so long, there isn't much new left to try. Wish me luck and stay tuned.

And, speaking of how flowers make me happy...

Imagine my surprise when, as I was on the tippy top of the ladder taking down outside lights the other day, the delivery van from my favorite florist puled up and gifted me with this beautiful "just thinking of you" bouquet from daughter #2! It made my day-and actually continues to do so-with its beautiful colors and even better fragrance! I love surprises like that!

And, while I am thinking back over this week, another highlight was the 8th Street Elementary award ceremonies. I missed seeing Hudson and Presley receive their awards because I was off having my yearly vision test but we made it in time to see (well, "see" was not the right word for my vision at that point, but I was there) Harrison get awards for AR points and straight-A honor roll. So proud of all of this gang. We got to sit with them also for a few hours while their mom was at work and what a blast we had! Presley got a keyboard for Christmas and we had a grand time belting out some tunes. Good thing there is a button for automatic songs or we would have been in big trouble!

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