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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Kid on the Block

It is fun having a daughter who is a decorator and lives just a few minutes away! Life is never dull around here. She changes her decor as often as she changes her clients' decor-and, nothing is ever safe.

A month or so ago she was here at our house and mentioned how she would like a different night stand in their bedroom. She does not like the "matchy-matchy" look that furniture stores sell. She happened to see the chest in one of our guest rooms and "mentioned" how that might work. Then, she switched out a chest in my grand daughter's room and told me I could have it if I wanted-and, of course, it would look just perfect in the same guest room-haha.

I really wasn't surprised when I got a text telling me they were in the middle of cleaning out their garage and my SIL was on his way over with the chest if I still wanted it.

I really didn't care what was in the guest room as long as it would still hold all of the "stuff" the old one was currently holding but wasn't sure how the new one would look and was perfectly ready to have to "grow" into liking it.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I was at least prepared to have to paint this but the more I look at it, the more I think I like it just as it is. It is a color very close to the wall color and since the moldings and carpet are shades of white, I am OK. The room has a bit of a Mediterranean feel as does the chest. And even better, the three drawers in this chest hold more than the ones in the old chest so I can hoard store even more Stay tuned.

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