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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The BIG Day!!

Our second day in Savannah was our official 50th anniversary. We knew big plans were in store. We all met for breakfast in the hotel and mapped out the day. This is a hard thing for hubby and me to do on a normal day but, add 14 more people to the mix, and it gets "interesting" We decided that we would make a general plan and then everyone could opt in or out as they wished until we all met up this evening for our dinner.

We toyed with a paddle boat trip but decided that we would rather do a long trolley tour around the city so that anyone who had not been here before could see just how much beauty this city has to offer. My brother and sister-in-law wanted to walk to Forsyth Square and park and two of the "littles" joined them-the rest of us were off for our tour.

I am SO glad we chose the tour we did! By the time all was said and done, it was over two hours long and seriously showed us EVERY highlight of downtown Savannah. And, even though we have been here many, many times, I learned all sorts of new stuff! The plan was that it would remind everyone of all that was available so that we could each head back to visit in detail if we wanted.

By the time we were done, some of us (mostly the teenagers) were hungry again so we ambled down to the City Market. It is a wonderful, outdoor market place full of restaurants, shops and live music. We sat and soaked it all in and then got an outdoor table and ordered a pizza for everyone to have a slice so as not to spoil their appetites for the dinner yet to come.

After filling some bellies, we set off to hit the squares. Buzz and I have a favorite square that we have talked about for so many years, so that was where we were ultimately headed-with many stops along the way!

This is a city you can get lost in-not literally but lost in time. It is a city where time really can stand still as you sit and absorb the history and take it all in. It is truly a place to people watch. It is fun to watch the tourists that are here for the first time but even more fun to watch the locals as they go about their every day lives taking for granted that of which the rest of us are so envious. Guess that happens no matter where you live-life happens. But for my husband and me, there is nothing better than sitting on a bench in Madison Square, listening to the church bells ring and watching the world go by-could, and have, done it for hours. And so, before we knew it, it was time to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We had reservations for a restaurant on the river. We have all sorts of eaters in this group so we tried to find a place that had something for everyone with a bit of rustic ambiance. It was perfect. We were seated looking out at the river-although at night it was a bit too dark to really take in the views. It was just "fancy" enough but a place where the kids were comfortable as well. And, dinner was wonderful-along with the endless baskets of rolls and homemade hush puppies. We started with fried green tomatoes and seafood nachos and then I had cashew crusted mahi with mashed potatoes and asparagus-yum!!

These two were so cute. Even though they can be like "cat and dog" occasionally, for the most part they are like twins and get along so well. It was so cute to look over and see them playing games together. And, they are good eaters!

It truly was the perfect evening. Everyone we love all around one big table-doesn't get any better! And, none of us had to cook-lol!

We've come a long way baby!

Well, the tree came down yesterday while we watched an all too sad Gator game. Today I tackle all of the rest. I am not sure I am ready for Valentine's Day just yet but a few years ago I stopped putting up "winter white" after Christmas when I realized that it would only be up a few weeks and then I would be bringing all of the red right back out. Now, I simply leave out the "middle man". I put away the green and leave the red to morph into Valentines. Of course, there is no rule that says I HAVE to take down Christmas yet...maybe just a few more days. That will give me a chance to finish my Christmas cards, fill in my new calendar, etc. Yep, just talked myself into it. More to come on Savannah-and probably sooner than later as I now have all sorts of extra time on my hands-haha. Stay tuned.

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