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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gotta Love the LOVE

All of the Christmas decor is down...still not all put back in its rightful "home"...but, down none-the-less. Today is my day to get everything back in containers, on shelves, in closets, under beds, (lol) etc. Then, I am afraid, I will have to wash my car as it has been out in the driveway for more than a few days while the garage is "out of commission" and kind of scattered with pine needles, acorns, leaves, dried water drops, etc.

But all of that being said-and needing to be done-our Valentine's decor is up. We had some unexpected company yesterday and I was glad it was done. My brother and sister-in-law came down to deliver the rest of our Christmas present. This year they made all of their gifts and each family received a garden post painted with four inspirational words and then a rusty garden bird to perch on the top. We got a raven. He is really fun and I was actually thinking of mounting him on a wooden block and using him in the house as a sculptural element but now that the post is here, I want to see how he looks on it after I decide which garden will be their home. More on that in another post. Daughter #3 and her kids came by as well and the kids were so excited to see the house decorated for Valentine's Day. It made me realize that I had better get busy planning our Valentine weekend of fun at Nana and Papa's house because it will be here before we know it!

I didn't make a lot of changes in the living room this year-trying to keep my life simple and going by the axiom "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'm OK with it just as it is-although, I wish the day was a bit brighter so these pictures were a little clearer.

I can't believe I have another mirror in this space. It was not too long that I bought a mirror to hang here...and then not too long after that that I decided I didn't want another mirror in this room. I began to hang wreaths and that was long as I had a wreath for that particular holiday or season or could make one with items I already had. But, storing wreaths is a bit of a pain and I discovered that I didn't have a Christmas wreath I wanted to hang here so I brought this mirror out and since I don't have a Valentine wreath either, rather than make another wreath, I am leaving this up yet again.

I actually love this mirror made from an old tin ceiling tile and it gives me just the right surface on which to hang my glittery banner I made a few years ago.


I currently have the dough bowl under the table in the living room. It is full of my vintage Valentines. I am hoping to move it to the dining room table as a centerpiece but it is still a work in progress so I am leaving it here for now.

I am in love with the chalkboard backed sequin heart that the little kids and I made last year. When the light reflects off of those sequins it is so pretty and this truly was a no-brainer project. Paint the canvas, draw a heart, fill in with sequins and you're good to go!

I am off to get a bit more of Christmas packed up while I move on to enjoy the decor of the this holiday. I have so much more to show you so I will be back. Stay tuned.

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