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Friday, January 22, 2016

a "Sign" of the Times

I am getting good at "no-brainer" projects. Not only was this a snap the first time around when I did my "harvest" sign, but doing it the second time around was truly thought free. I had already figured out the few pitfalls so this time I was done in a flash!

I didn't have a font on my Cricut that I wanted to use this time so I just found one I liked on my computer, printed it and enlarged to just the right size on my copy machine. Then, I cut them out of scrap cardstock, sprayed the backs with adhesive and placed them on the 6" fence slat.

Next, I sprayed over it all with a red spray paint. I tried to spray straight down just in case I didn't have a perfect seal on the letter edges with the adhesive.

I peeled off the letters and, voila, I am almost good to go! I still want to paint my letters white. I could leave them like this and they would be fine but I just prefer red and white for Valentine's Day. Of course, I am out of white paint and it is raining today so I am not heading out now that I am cozy-this will just have to wait until tomorrow. But then, it will just be a simple process of filling in the "blanks". As I look at this picture and the way I laid the letters after peeling them off of the wood, I am almost sorry I didn't lay them a little haphazardly instead of straight down. Oh well, I will remember that for next time-which I am sure will happen-probably for St. Patrick's Day!

And here it is in its new home. I like the height it brings to the vignette on the porch. Note to self...time to get rid of the poinsettia even if it is red!

The hardest part of this project may just be getting off the spray adhesive and paint that are sure to get on your fingers. Off for a fire and a movie on this beautiful rainy day! Stay tuned.

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