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Monday, January 18, 2016

Pinterest Here I Come!

Now that I am ready for next week's party, my thoughts are moving along to Valentines celebrations. We always do a weekend with our grand children where we cook, bake, play games, craft and just have fun! I have been doing this so long that I have pretty much "done it all" so this year I am really trying to find some "never-before-done-by-us" things to do. Of course, there are always the favorites (like the pink chocolate chip cookies) that they expect every year.

I am also having trouble coming up with my craft idea. I like to make at least one new item every year but somehow the Valentine things all sort of look the same. When this happens, I head to Pinterest!

Here is what I am thinking about so far.

I like to have the kids each make a shirt for the occasion. We have done the cute ones already and I was having trouble finding ideas that the boys would approve of until I saw this. Thought maybe they could have some fun painting like this on the front of a shirt. Theirs' could look kind of "paint-ballish" and then we could do Presley's in pinks and a little less "messy" and it should be feminine enough for her. Still debating but I am leaning towards this.

I like projects that all three can cooperate on so Mom doesn't have to find room for three of the same thing. I think it would be cute if we took a picture of all three in their shirts and then they could all make this frame.

This would be another great "cooperation" gift. I would probably lose the little kids if I expected them to each decorate this many hearts but they could probably each come up with 4 or 5 and we could make it a bit smaller.

I actually have 6 wooden blocks left over from another project we did so a play on this might also work.

Last year we played Valentine "Minute to Win It" and they loved that so we will repeat some of those tasks but, after seeing how well they played Hedbanz in Savannah, I think this might be fun too.

I think I might add this wooden sign to my to-do list. I love the way the one I made for autumn turned out so this should look nice on the porch as well.

I'm thinking about these two things as gifts. It is funny how I seem to always be drawn to things with "script". I'm not done looking but since January is flying by so quickly, I know I had better get moving. Stay tuned.

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