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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Such a Nice Day!

I sometimes forget just how much I enjoy entertaining! I like the big affairs, like my Halloween open house, a lot but, the older I am getting, the longer it takes me to pull off something like that. On the other hand, I love a smaller gathering. A reason to do something just a little special...and, yesterday was just such a day!

We had a small lunch for my sister-in-law's birthday...just family...and, just the family in town who could get out of work. But, I so enjoyed the whole day!

My idea had been to have a little crafting party as well. Cyndi and I had gone to a large garden show a few years back and had seen some garden decor that looked so simple to make that we didn't see the need to purchase any. Our thoughts were to get together and whip them up ourselves. Fast forward a few years and we still hadn't done it so I decided today was the day. Since we were having a big lunch and I wanted to visit as well, I thought we would just start with a "no-brainer". Since both Cyndi and I and my mom have collected bone china cups and saucers over the years, the cup and saucer bird-feeder was just the ticket. I pulled out some of my collection and all it took was some copper piping, copper caps and E-6000 and we were off and running. We were having fun crafting and talking so I can't show you any pictures of the process, but it is pretty self explanatory...and, I can show you one of the end results.

Then we were on to lunch. I have a number of recipes that I love but only make for special occasions because they are loaded with cream, butter, cheese, etc. All things that hubby and I don't need to be eating too much of these days but when I have guests with which to share, I am raring to go!

For today, I started with a homemade cream of roasted red pepper and tomato soup topped with lots of fresh grated Parmesan-yum! Then it was on to Giada's chicken tetrazzini. This is one of the most delicious things you will ever eat! It is a bit of a pain to make only because it has so many steps but it is worth every minute of it. Of course, it is LOADED with chicken sauteed in butter, onions and garlic sauteed in butter and a pound of fettuccine enveloped in a cream sauce made of lots of half and half and, you guessed it, butter! Then it is all topped with a cup of fresh Parmesan and just in case there wasn't enough, more dots of butter. I also made a huge fresh salad full of lots of goodness before I topped it all off with homemade garlic bread-that used 2 sticks of, you guessed it again, butter! I figured we needed some fruit for dessert-so, I made Paula Deen's peach cobbler and served it with vanilla ice-cream. So glad most of this meal got finished up so we didn't have lots of leftovers...not exactly a heart friendly menu!

I have started on my first Valentine craft and will share soon but right now I am off to get ready to go pick up the munchkins from school. We will probably head out for some yogurt before coming back here for the rest of the afternoon. A little bird told me Presley has a 100 Days of School project due tomorrow so I suspect we will find something to keep us busy. Stay tuned.

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