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Monday, January 4, 2016

A True Gift of Oneself

By now, if you are even a sometime reader of this blog, you probably know how much I enjoy crafting and how much I treasure gifts given to me that are handmade. To me, giving of yourself in so many ways is worth so much more than a quick trip to a store and spending all the money it might take.

I am not saying that I don't like nice gifts. Nor am I saying that a handmade gift is always possible. But, when it is, is it greatly appreciated by me and is always a humbling experience to think that I mean enough to someone that she/he has chosen to spend her/his time making something to give to me.

And so it was this anniversary. I already posted about my cousin's special gift to us that we will treasure always.

 I truly thought that our trip was the gift from everyone else. Imagine my surprise when my sister-in-law presented both Buzz and me with a large shopping bag and we opened them to reveal these beautiful quilts.

The blue bordered quilt is my hubby's...

...and this beauty is mine. Every single pattern of fabric depicts a piece of our lives-and, they are done in mirror image order!

 It starts with each of our families, our similar moves to Florida and even has a picture of the exact car that my husband owned and drove throughout our teen years!

There are our years as students at the University of Florida and our marriage while there.

There are many, many squares depicting the births of our three daughters, all of the activities we were involved in with them as they grew up and ultimately the births of our 5 grand daughters and two grand sons.

And I think this square anchors the quilt and pretty much sums up our philosophy in this marriage and our lives.

We are both so honored to be the recipients of such loving gifts. They are almost too pretty to use, but as we are FINALLY getting some winter temperatures, they are already coming in very handy. We LOVE them and will treasure them always-and our very special sister-in-law who made them and my brother who, I am sure, helped her find some of the fabrics on many, many shopping trips to many, many fabric stores!

Don't think I can top this-but, stayed tuned.

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