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Sunday, August 16, 2015

To Change or Not To Change...

...that is the question.

Those of you who follow this blog faithfully know how much I love Halloween. You also know that I am usually working on some sort of Halloween project by this time every year. The thought is that if I use my "down" time to get these projects done, I will have more time to be "in and of" the holiday. Somehow this never works out as I always find more new ideas and am usually working right up until the bewitching hour.

I have already posted about the three craft projects I have completed and I have shown you my new treasures that got ordered and have arrived before they sell out-like that pillow did last year.

And now, when I still haven't even put out my autumn decorations, I am already thinking of Halloween decor. I moved things around a bit last year and I really love the way everything worked.I am having a big open house this year, so I know I will be doing lots of extra cooking and baking (and yes, cleaning. You can only use that "authentic cobweb" joke so long-haha) so I probably won't have a lot of extra time to think about re-arranging decor as much as I would like.

I have a LOT of Halloween stuff and a LOT of it is rather large or it is a part of a vignette that can not be split or it wouldn't make sense.

Two years ago I used a simple mantle in the family room and did the photo gallery in the hutch in the dining room.

But, alas, the hutch is one of the pieces of furniture I lost in the redesign so last year I did this...but my poor skeleton ended up just sitting on a chair and that didn't make me happy. So this year I am back to thinking about something like this:

Not all of the STUFF, but the skeleton sitting straight up so that maybe I can still do something with my photo gallery.

Do you see my dilemma??? Am I the only one who spends sleepless nights thinking about these things??? Once I start one little change, it kind of has the domino effect and I will still be at it many, many days longer than I should. And there are so many rooms not to mention the front and back yards. What's a girl to do? I will work it out and you will be the first to know. Stay tuned!

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