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Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Herrre!

Be still my heart! The first of my Grandin Road order has arrived! I usually buy just a few special treasures every year to add to my Halloween decor. It is my gift to myself because even though I decorate like crazy for almost every holiday, Halloween is by far my favorite! It simply takes a glimpse of orange and black (and now I'm turning into such a rebel that I am adding purple and chartreuse as well) and my heart rate goes up!

I really DO have waaaayyyy tooooo much Halloween stuff. Every year I try to weed out a bit that no longer fits my vision but it is hard for me...I love it all. And now that I know I am hosting a big, "teacher" open house, I am giddy with the thought of changing up some things-although, I will admit, that will also be hard for me as I truly loved last year's decor! We shall see.

In any case, I try to only bring in new things that are different-not something I see just everywhere! This year, a LOT spoke to me out of the Grandin Road Halloween Haven catalog! This place has the MOST fabulous Halloween stuff! But, I edited my choices and this little beauty is the first to arrive.

And when it did, I tore into that package and had this up on my mantle before my hubby knew what had hit him! And this is how we watched TV the rest of the evening. The skull's eyes go from bright to dull to flickering....and I just love him. He is slated to be in the living room with my other Edgar Allan Poe "Raven" goodies but I so enjoyed him last evening, I just might have to edit that idea...we shall see.

And, when I checked my emails this morning, I was surprised to see that my other treasured purchase has already shipped-11 days ahead of when originally scheduled-and will be here on Tuesday. Is it Tuesday yet? Is it Tuesday yet? Got to stop wishing my life away but this one promises to be the best!! Stay tuned.

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