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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's Starting Again!

Of course I am beside myself...the new Halloween treasures are starting to arrive! Yesterday my coveted pillow from Pottery Barn was waiting for me on my front porch when I arrived home and tomorrow the first of my Grandin Road items will arrive. Not sure why it isn't coming today because it arrived in Ocala at 5:28 last night...but, I digress. My last Grandin Road goodie doesn't even ship until August 17 so I will be checking tracking a lot until then-just in case.

So this is the first arrival. I wanted that pillow last year but by the time I got on it, it was sold out. I love the graphics of the checkerboard print, I always love "wording" on a pillow and the raven is just too perfect for my Edgar Allan Poe themed living room. When I saw it available once again, I jumped on it.

But why, you ask, is there a 4th of July item in this shipment? As usual, with me, there IS a story-this is when my kids know to "run"....but you are pretty much stuck aren't you? Long story short-I had a $10 discount card that I got with a previous order and I wasn't about to lose it. BUT, it was only valid on an order over $50-and the pillow was just shy. So, I went back to look at some sale items that weren't much more than $10 and I found this 4th of July dish towel-at least, that is what PB calls it. When it arrived and I opened it up, I was thrilled to see the size and weight of this thing. I will SO be using it next year as a short table runner! SCORE!! And, actually double score as the dish towel was free shipping so I didn't pay for shipping on any of the order...not sure how that worked but who am I to question PB?

This has been a busy week for us. Daughter #3 has been super busy with her design business so we have had the grands over a lot. Yesterday was our youngest's 6th birthday so we knew we had to make it a special day. I picked them up from VBS to bring them to my house where they were surprised by the addition of Aunt Becky and cousin Morgan. We gave Presley a few restaurant choices for lunch and she chose Bob Evans, so off we went!

After eating her favorite "Piggy Pancakes" for lunch she chose the "Smiley Sundae" for dessert. I love this face when the waitresses all appeared to sing to her!

Then, it was home for the afternoon which we filled with rousing games of Yahtzee and Bombout. At dinnertime, we delivered her home to the rest of our family all waiting to surprise her with a birthday fiesta! She really was surprised because her "party" this year was a trip to the American Girl store and Crayola Experience in Orlando with her best friend Olivia who was born just hours apart in the same hospital in Lakeland. She thought she was just having a small dinner with Mom, Dad, brothers and Nana and Papa.

As soon as she saw everyone, she ran to her room. We weren't sure what was up until she reappeared in just minutes...dressed for the occasion! Doesn't every little girl turning 6 need to be in a glittery tutu, plastic "Frozen" heels, and a tiara? I love it!! And her!!!

I will own up to it...I was supposed to bring over some candles but got so caught up in our game play, that I completely forgot so, we improvised. At least with just one big candle, she is pretty sure all of her wishes will come true when she blows it out with one little puff!

More Halloween crafting and party plans in the future...stay tuned!

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