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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Almost Time for a Fire!

I can't say it is exactly cold out yet but I have noticed just the slightest temperature change out there...early in the I will remain optimistic! And, if truth be told, I have been known to throw the thermostat way down low and light a fire no matter what the thermometer outside is saying!

So, any way, on to the nice, cozy, toasty family room.

The minute I put these here, I knew some "tweaking" would be in order. The proportions were all off but by the end of several long days, I was ready to be done.

Thank goodness for WalMart and lots and lots of garden mums. I bought a lot to plant and a lot to fill pots in areas that just needed that "little something extra". Proportions are so much better now and I found another spot for the candle and holder.

This is my view from my chair in this room and, except for a roaring fire, I love looking in that direction! And, it is even prettier at night when all of the candles are lit and flickering-ahhhh!

I still love this sign that I made a few years back. Really getting antsy to make another large sign-just don't have any place to put it if I do. Maybe I could use one on the front porch-hmmmm? How about something like this???

Yep, think that might be my next project! Looks easy enough.

I also still love this pumpkin that I found at Williams "Lunch on Limoges" in Dade City. I paid WAAAAYYYY too much for it. But, that being said, I have looked to find one or two more locally and can't find anything that comes close so, I guess you get what you pay for.

So there you have the family room. I have been doing lots of "sitting with feet up" in this room of late to try to get my back in working order once again and I must say, this room is peaceful and calming. I love all of the sights and scents that come with it and autumn...not a bad way to be a "patient" if you must be a patient!

Hope to be back to my old self soon but I am getting lots of recipes and crafts planned for the next few months so I can hit the ground running-hmmm, maybe that's how I took my back out in the first place. Guess for an old lady, I should slow down a bit...but, it's AUTUMN. So much to do, so little time!!

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