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Sunday, August 9, 2015


I love it when this happens...just wish I would have acted faster!

We have a wicker (well, that new, plastic like wicker) settee, ottoman, coffee table and  two chairs over on the new patio. People seem to congregate there frequently, especially in the evenings-probably because it is where the chiminea is located. This past year, one of the chairs hit an uneven stone and the front leg bent. It hasn't broken off yet but it is just a matter of time.

I decided that when the summer season-end sales started, I would just grab another but, I apparently missed those sales everywhere-except at Kohls- so when I saw some chairs still left one day, I rushed over to see what their mark down price was. Imagine my shock when the "much discounted" price was still almost $100. They were saying the original price was $329...for one chair! If we were talking about Grandin Road, PB, etc. - AND their quality - I might understand but at Kohls??!

And so, I kept walking...until Thursday when I was again back at Kohls trying to use another $15 free coupon I had received-don't really know why I keep getting these things but since all I have to spend is $15 to get $15, I use them every time-can't beat FREE stuff-even if it is just a new dish towel or another candle or frame.

In any case, there sits a stack of 6 of these chairs. And, they are now priced at $32.99. I knew I couldn't buy them that day because I would have to put them in my trunk and tie them in leaving the trunk open and there just was not a free moment to get them home and still make all of our other commitments that day but I knew I would be back tomorrow.

And head back I did-now with an additional 20% off coupon in my hand as well. All the way out I debated how many to buy. We really only needed the one BUT....

In any case, when we got there fate stepped in-there was only one left. We grabbed that thing up quickly and proceeded to the check-out. Even I was proud of myself today!

All I can say is that if I had spent $329 for this chair at the start of the season, I would be crying today! Boy do I wish they had had a few more left! Stay tuned.

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