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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cheap Is Good But... is even better!

I think I posted a few visits ago how I happened upon some Halloween toile papers that I bought several years ago. The plan had been to frame them in simple black frames and hang them somewhere for a "classy" Halloween vignette. I know that may be an oxymoron to some, but that is how I see my Halloween decor these days. It has evolved from "cutesy" to "classy"-if there is such a thing.

I have always loved toile and these papers have the Halloween colors and the scenes in the pattern are Halloween scenes. I really thought they would just be a nice, simple decor.

Fast forward a few years. Not sure why the idea never came to fruition, but it didn't. So, when I found those papers the other day, I remembered something else. When we were helping daughter #1 pack up to move out of her large, three story house, we happened on a LOT of extra things...things she had bought "just in case"-for Girl Scouts, P.T.O., teacher gifts, etc. Since she would be renting while looking for a new house to buy, she decided she didn't want to pay to store all of her "stuff", so she offered it to all of us before making her donations. Since she learned her "buying" skills from me, who was I to pass on all of that "just in case" stuff. Even though I don't do scouts, Sunday School, P.T.O., etc. any more, I am always crafting and making gifts for people. And so, the stuff came home with me and somewhere in the recesses of my brain I remembered simple, black frames.

Yep! Just what I needed. Now the question was, where did I shove store them??? Since my back was still bothering me, I knew the search couldn't go on too long but, lucky for me, I found them in the second place I looked.

Since this is a no-brainer craft, it took all of about ten minutes to cut and frame the papers. Now I just have to wait a bit until I can find the perfect spot for them. Really don't know where they will end up but it will be so much fun figuring it out! Stay tuned.

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