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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Green, Green, It's Green They Say...

On we go to the dining room. You have seen snippets of it as I have showed you the redecorating taking place but here it is in its St. Pat's finery. Gotta admit, I miss the display space my hutch gave me - I might need a 12 step program to get over this loss!!

I don't usually display any of my bone china collection any more. It kind of seems too dainty for the look I have going now. But, some of my pieces hold a very special meaning for me and they come out from time to time. These cups were given to me by my mom before she passed away. They were part of her collection but she knew how much I always loved them and how much they meant to me. When she could no longer get out to shop for birthdays, she began giving us things of hers that she knew we would cherish! My dad was Irish - and he was in the Air Force. He traveled a lot for his job as a military flight inspector. Every time he came home, he would have something for each of us. Many times my mom's gift would be an addition to her collection and if he could find one with a hint of Ireland, all the better! The cup and saucer on the left and the cream and sugar set are full of shamrocks and the one on the right is a beautiful little Irish cottage with the sweetest thatched roof - I could move right in and never leave! And so, in this case, the small scale of these treasures is totally over looked in favor of their sentiment!

Love this frame. I picked it up at HL for hardly anything a few years ago. It was a custom made frame that for whatever reason was not bought by the customer who ordered it and I got the benefit of that. I use it for almost every holiday just by adding a different background and whatever number or shape may apply. In this case, I added a twisted fabric flower and a calendar stamp. Then, I dangled on a shamrock charm.

This piece is still crying out for another tall something or something on the wall. We're thinking about a wine barrel sign from the "Two Chic Gifting Gals" online boutique - what do you think? I want something in wood tones so that it is neutral and won't fight any of my seasonal colors and I like the idea that it will be round and break up some of the hard lines on other walls in this room.

The dining room is pretty simple. Oh yes, while I was out and about, I got those much needed candles and a few other goodies. Want to get my "decorator's" approval and then I will be share soon but there are already changes in this room. I know you must be on the edge of your seats. Stay tuned.

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