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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moving Right Along!

So after I got over the shock of "losing" my dining room hutch and being told some of my "merchandising" looks like shelves in an old general store, my daughter admitted to me that the biggest culprit was the shelf over the living room entry. I will admit to the fact that I had that built back in my "country" days when I really did have a goose wallpaper border in my kitchen. But, to my defense, I thought I did a good job of updating it when I painted it black. And, it held a LOT of my STUFF!

But once I truly looked at it with those new eyes that I so often talk about, I realized it was well past its prime. So with a bit of TAWANDA from both my husband and me, down it came. And that is where we are right now.

Don't you just love the way I can seem to ignore the missing paint and holes in the wall and simply decorate around it?! I am nothing if not flexible! Ha-ha.

I do have some help on the way. Re-enforcements are due this weekend (in the form of several daughters and their families who gave me gift certificates for "labor" for Christmas. Bet they will live to regret that decision by Sunday evening) to help me paint, add molding, cut down small trees, fix lots of stuff that didn't fare well this winter, etc.

We were up in Gainesville the other day to attend a talent show that our oldest grand daughter produced as another fund raiser for the Children's Miracle Network for her H.S., so we also got a chance to run by some of our favorite spots. Gotta love Trader Joes. They seem to be the first ones with beautiful spring flowers every year. Bought these for myself to help with some of my "decorating trauma"...just kidding. I am ready for change-just hate that so much of it means less room for more STUFF!

And today I got to attend not one, but two award assemblies as both of my grand sons are at Eighth Street Elementary and both earned the Soaring Eagle honor roll.

So that's it for now. We have a busy weekend on the docket-lots of Valentine crafting and baking and then lots of re-decorating to boot-plus a little celebration for daughter #2's birthday. Should be fun. I'll keep you up to date. Stay tuned. 

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