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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shall We Move Along?

O.K. I got another room cleaned up so it is safe to move along. On we go to the kitchen.

Another one of the "napkin" plate creations the girls and I made many years ago. I found the "Lucky Brew" download somewhere on someones blog but can't begin to remember where!

 Still love this cross stitch that Becky made back in 1985! It was done for an international festival at her middle school and, much to her surprise, she actually enjoyed doing it!

Another all-time favorite of mine is the metal pitcher Jennie gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I use it whenever I can. And "yeah" to Yankee Candle for getting on the St. Pat's bandwagon. Now I need their newest St. Pat's candle ring.

After I moved the PB basket that has been here for so long over to the baker's rack, I was left with a fairly unattractive area of kitchen counter. It needed to be covered by something so I moved the old carpenter's box and filled it with St. Pat's essentials - coasters, straws, pasta, extra plates, etc.

Of course that left this area a bit blank. I stuck in the wine glasses - quite frankly, they are too tall to fit in any of my cupboards - and a few other leftovers but this area is definitely on my "re-do" list!

The side of the new SS frig is the only part that will hold magnets, so I fill it with all those sweet faces. Love to walk into the kitchen and see them smiling at me! (Not so happy to see those fingerprints, but I really only see them when I post a pic. Maybe that is why they continue to be there!)

And here we are back at the baker's rack. It has been tweaked a bit since you first saw it. I am a symmetrical kind of gal and it was off a bit - better now.

So that is it for that room. Next post we will move to the next - providing I get it cleaned before then! Stay tuned.

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