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Sunday, February 16, 2014

When Is Toasted Almond Not Toasted Almond?

Answer: when it is on the walls of my dining room!!

I have posted many times about how, for me, the worst part of re-doing a room is deciding on the color. I have a hard time making that decision. And this could be why!! My daughter and I picked a color from her Sherwin-Williams paint fan but I like Lowe's Valspar paint-not to mention that I get a bit of a discount when I put it on my Lowes card and every little bit helps when you are redecorating as things never go on budget-but, I digress!

So, in I go to Lowes to find a comparable color and there it is! Toasted almond. Perfect! It has taken me many days of patching, caulking and painting to finally get the crown molding done but it is done. Then, I was on to the cutting in of the wall color. I was in the sun room when I opened the paint for the first time and my initial reaction was that it was way too light. It looked almost like heavy cream. But, I know that paint usually dries darker and after checking the paint sample to the little swatch they paint on the top of the can, I was reassured that it was mixed correctly.

And then it happened! I started to paint the walls and it is green!! I don't know how it happens but for some reason, with the lighting in the dining room, this paint looks very much like my living room-which I like, but it is not what I was bargaining for in this room. I have persevered and finished all walls. I will need a second coat on the old accent wall that was cinnamon with a lovely chocolate glaze, but the other two walls were a white "stucco", so only one coat necessary. As I look at it now, I really love the darker than I had expected color against the white of the crown. It looks nice and crisp and I am happy. But, that being said, it is a good thing I like it because it is NOTHING like I had expected. See why I hate picking paint colors?

I have had a busy week. Amongst all of the painting fiasco, I managed to get a bunch of Valentine baking done so I had lots of goodies to give as gifts. I really enjoy making it all but sure don't need it sitting around here for very long. I am not a "cookie" person but somehow I find myself "sampling" more than necessary when they are here.

This is "Red Hot Popcorn". It is so easy and fun to make and it tastes so good!

I also managed to get Presley's Alphabet Book book completed. We delivered it when we delivered the Valentine gifts and goodies.

And then I got a surprise when the kids brought a gift to me. It was a mercury glass candle hurricane - remember my love for all things mercury - but it was silver on the outside and red on the inside. It is different from any others I own - which in itself is hard to find - and, being red, it will be used in my decorating much of the year! To top it off, there was also a bottle of Clos du Bois - does my daughter know me or what?

It seems to have taken me two days to get this post finished so I might as well bring you up to date. Painting is done in the dining room and furniture is back in place. We are going to live with it as it is (with the exception of Valentines being swapped out for St. Pat's) before we finish the detail decorating. The walls are looking to bare to me yet I am liking the feel of emptiness and no clutter. Wonder how long that will last?! It is actually odd to see my baseboards. Good thing I had to wash them before I painted. Oh yeah, please ignore paint cans, etc. on the sun room floor. I am going to start painting the kitchen next!

Since the dining room now looks green, the kitchen in red right next door leads to thoughts of Christmas so changes need to be made fast. Today is the day! Kind of needed some fortification before I started so I whipped up some of my favorite scones from a mix I buy at the Windsor Rose Tearoom and loaded them with Devonshire cream. Not sure I will be able to get up and down the ladder as needed with this full belly, but I am going to try. Stay tuned.

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