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Monday, February 24, 2014

Such a SAD Day!

Oh my goodness! I so didn't expect to feel the sadness and sense of loss that I felt. Today, the crib came down. The very same crib that we bought exactly 18 years ago. It was purchased soon after we learned that our first grand child was on the way and has been in the same spot for all of those years and snuggled all 7 of our grand children to sleep many, many times!

We were over the moon when Todd called and broke the news of the impending birth to us. This was the first grand child and grand niece on both sides of the family. This was going to be a much loved child - so much so that we crammed the largest number of people into the ultrasound room that  the imaging center had ever had. So, it was a no-brainer that Nana and Papa wanted their house decked out with all things baby so the little princess could come to visit us often and feel right at home. Even better when we found a beautiful Jenny Lind style crib. I wasted no time decking it out!

Fast forward 18 years. The princess that crib was purchased for is ready to graduate from high school and 6 of her cousins have felt the same love in that room over all of these years. My girls always said that their kids slept better here than in their own beds. That may have been an exaggeration, but they did sleep well and always wanted to spend the night here - still do.

After the last grand child moved into a bed at her own house, I knew changes were probably in the air, but I managed to hold them off over a year. Presley slept in the crib a time or two here even though she had a big girl bed at home but it made me feel bad so I came up with a compromise. I took the front side off of the crib and made it a toddler bed. She slept in it once and after that, she was ready for the real thing.

And so, with all of the other furniture moving going on around here, I decided it was time! I had a pie safe without a home so I figured I would give it a go.

So here is the crib as it has been the last year or so.

Here is the much too large armoire in the other corner of the room. I knew it didn't really go here, but there was no other place for it and it holds so MUCH STUFF!

Down it comes - sob, sob!

And the room as it is now. I know 2 tall pieces look a little silly, but I do like how much larger the room feels. Have I told you I have a lot of stuff? I just can't bring myself to get rid of a piece that can hold so much! Bad enough that my dining room hutch is out the door. This is just one of our guest rooms after all and when it is filled, it is filled with family. They know me and don't judge - at least not too harshly. I am going on record as saying I know it may be a decorating faux pas but I am O.K. with that. For now it will work just fine. Besides the fact, one trauma a day is enough! I don't think it is the crib that I miss as much as the babies. They are growing up much too fast. How can I stop it? Stay tuned.

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