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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Let's Play Musical......"! Yep, that's right. I am still moving things around. The good news is I am starting to like love it more and more each hour!

One of the things I was the most distressed about with the "loss" of the hutch was the loss of space for holiday decor. I have had to be inventive but I have found homes for much of it. Of course, with this being Valentine decor time, I had to take down the crocheted, glittered heart garland that I made out of the hearts my mom made for me many years ago. That made me sad because I am always happy when I can look at things she made for me and have them close at hand. The point was to not add the "clutter" back into the mix to make even MORE clutter. But then I had one of those "ah-ha" moments. I had removed a garland from the family room mantle because it looked too busy to me but this one would be a PERFECT replacement. The glittered hearts would mimic the large glitter heart on the mirror as well as the glittered X & O. It was MEANT TO BE. What do you think?

Next, I decorated the baker's rack that we moved to the sun room. It went from this in the dining room:

to this:

I really love it here! And "what", you say, happened to the baker's rack that used to be here?
I am almost embarrassed to show you this but here is where it is currently sitting:

My old potting bench in the background has really taken a hit from the weather in the last year and was going to have to be replaced. I will some day build a new one but until that day, I am going to stack my pots up on the rack. Once the new bench is built, I can move this over to the new patio area and pile it high with potted plants for pops of color!

And, last but not least, there is no going back now:

This is the first step in getting the niche ready for the floating shelves. I grabbed whatever white paint I had to get a primer coat going - and even though it is splotchy and needs another coat, I already love the way this is going. Can't decide yet whether I want just one or two shelves. I want them tall enough to accommodate some of my larger things, so I am leaning toward just adding one about in the middle but before we really get into it, I will measure some things and make the plunge.

So, change is in the works around here. It is funny how one thing always spurs another. Don't know where we will end up but it should be a fun ride. Stay tuned. 

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