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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Think Big....

....but start small! Now I know that everyone who knows me will wonder if I have lost my mind with that statement! I have always taught my children/ grand children/ students to aim high - and I usually found that they would try very hard to live up to those expectations. And I always did the same. BUT, in recent years - honestly think it comes with age as so many of my friends are echoing the same thing - I have found myself setting myself up for failure. I have the loftiest of goals - the best of intentions - but, somewhere along the way, something derails me.

This IS going to be my year to organize and de-clutter. I am ready. But, as I started making my list, I realized that I was biting off chunks much too large - whole rooms that will take many, many days in and of themselves instead of just a portion of said room to begin.

I am sure I don't have to tell anyone who knows me (even those who don't if you are a frequent reader of this blog) that I have a LOT of STUFF! And, I am not going to get rid of all of it but I am going to revert back to that old adage of if you haven't used it in __ years, you probably never will. We shall see. I will be starting next week. I will pick a day and tackle one thing that day!

Let's end with a quick peek at the guest bathroom Valentine's Day decor.

Can't believe how quickly 2014 is going already. I must get a move on! The phone rang the other night and it was my 4 year old grand daughter asking me when she could come over for a tea party. That sounds like fun and we decided we would do a Valentine's theme. She wants decorations too. Figure I might have that one in the bag! Anyhow, I am off to make some lists and go buy some supplies so we can get working on that right away. And don't forget - cookies - pink chocolate chips - with LOTS of sprinkles!! Stay tuned.

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