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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still Seeing "RED"

We have a busy day ahead of us. Hubby is working out as I write, so I think I will take you through the next of the Valentine decor while I have a minute.

Let's hit the dining room.

All of the different holiday overflow of pictures have started ending up on the baker's rack.

I am still loving the garland that I made from the stiffened crocheted hearts my mom made me many years ago! I found the pattern for them in Country Living and she was so sweet to not only make a large set for me but each of my girls as well. When she made them for me, my taste was much more country. A few years ago I decided they needed an update so I simply glittered them and strung them on a pretty cord. They are perfect for my new tastes - glittery and gaudy - ha-ha!

So that is pretty much the dining room. I tried to use every bit of silver and red mercury glass I hadn't used anywhere else and keep it a bit more simple - at least simple for me.

We are off to Gainesville today. We will be seeing our oldest grand daughter receive her IB pin and then listening to her speak before the assembly as president of the student body. She is a beautiful young woman - inside and out - and we could not be more proud of her!

A few more rooms and some craft ideas to go. Stay tuned.

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