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Friday, January 17, 2014

Snips and Snails...

....and just getting on with life.

As the new year started, I jotted down various ideas for new posts. I still have them all but, being the verbose person that I am, none of them seemed worthy of a whole blog. And yet, I had the words and the ideas so I thought I would do a little compilation for today. Hoping it goes along well with my "new leaf" of  clearing out the clutter!

I know this is hard to see, but that thing sticking out of the wall is what is left of a very old broken dryer vent cover!

O.K. I can hear you now. What in the world! But somehow I find joy in fixing the "little" things. I love a day where I have worked non-stop and yet NO ONE else in the world could tell you one thing I had accomplished. It gives me a huge sense of satisfaction.

And so, one day when taking pictures of a hail storm (and not the dryer vent - hence, the reason this picture is so awful), I got a "new" look at this thing on the front of my house. I have posted before how I get so used to seeing something that I don't really "see" it, but on this day, this thing stuck out like a sore thumb. And I vowed to fix it "some day".

I have to admit it wasn't in the fore front of my thoughts, but one day I noticed it again and decided "today was the day"! The old plastic hood was all yellowed and broken and the flap was all gunked up - leaving it semi-open and I think the thought of what critters could conceivably crawl in there was my real motivation.

Any way, I didn't want to try to remove the old and re-install a new as the mortar would have been hard to deal with. And then the idea hit. I had a small piece of copper sheeting left from an old project - can't remember what - but it might work. I whipped up a paper pattern, sketched it and cut it from the copper and used my trusty E-6000 glue. And here you have it. It is starting to verdi-gris (my favorite and an unexpected pleasure) and I smile every time I approach the door and see this. Like I said, no one else but me will would love this so much - and deign to think it would deserve a full blog post!

Moving along to my new wicker trunk from PB. It is the big brother to the two other trunks that I have and use in so many ways. And, I had big plans for this guy when I bought him but that was back in the middle of the holidays and, quite frankly, I haven't had time to think about it since so I stuck him up on top of the armoire and there he will stay until a muse strikes! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

So, on to the next "what-tha?". I have been planning on re-doing our bathroom for awhile but put it off for all sorts of reasons. January white sales came around and I guess I got persuaded to join the "throngs" of people who are going back to neutrals. I know I have mentioned before that because I grew up in an all-white environment, I always promised myself that I would live with color when the decisions were mine. And I have!! But, I am slowly but surely switching teams - at least where linens are concerned. And, oddly enough, it is my youngest daughter who made my see the "white" - ha-ha!. It really is easier to keep whites clean and sanitary with bleach. And, no more worries about facial cleanser removing spots of color on my pretty towels.

And so, off to PB once again to load up. And I did it with all thoughts of just freshening a few other things and calling it a day when hubby says, "maybe this is the year to really re-do some things in that bathroom". Yuh think??!!!? I have been saying that for more years than I can remember. We have been in this house since it was built 40 some years ago. And, we have updated a lot. But, this one room has not seen a TOTAL update, so it is time.

And so, the new towels are on hold until we decide what we want to attempt - and then actually execute said design! We shall see.

And lastly, just a small glimpse into our yesterday. I told you we were off to Gainesville for the day. Hard to believe that our oldest grand daughter is graduating from high school this year. She is the one who started us on this incredible journey called "grand parenthood" and it has been the most exciting ride of our lives.

This is one truly amazing young woman. An over-achiever to be sure but so like me in so many ways. Just wish I had her determination. When she puts her mind to something, you can place your bets that it WILL happen. She has excelled at all sorts of things - in all areas of life. She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She is also a force to be reckoned with once she has made up her mind.

With all of that being said, it is no wonder she has always been chosen by her peers for the last three years to be their class president and then this year, president of the student body. And yesterday was definitely her day. She may tell you she is nervous, but once she gets before a crowd, she is in total control. She loves it. She feeds off of it. She was so funny and yet so insightful. She had everyone laughing and hooting and applauding. It was something to witness and just incredible how well liked and thought of she is by everyone - not just those of of who have loved her since the second she was born.

My pictures aren't great because honestly, I wanted to get back to my seat and enjoy her speech instead of balancing on the auditorium floor in front of a packed house - but you get the idea.

Here she is receiving her IB pin.

Hannah and her mom - sorry we missed dad but he had to get back to work for a meeting.

I love this picture. They didn't pose for it nor did they realize I was taking it. Just a few special moments between Hannah and Papa!

So now I can breath a shy of relief! All of those many half-baked blog posts are behind me - and some of you are still here.

On towards Valentines day - full steam ahead. Stay tuned!

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