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Monday, January 6, 2014

I Needed Motivation!

You may have guessed by now, but I am having  hard time saying good-bye to Christmas. This happens to me most years, but usually by now I am getting over it. My plan had been to DEFINITELY start taking down Christmas today but then I came up with 10 other things I had to do that would not permit me to start such a big project. Even the Valentine things that are already creeping into the stores hasn't done it this year.

But, I may be beginning to fold. We went to our favorite Shoppes at Wiregrass the other day and straight to my favorite store, Pottery Barn. I swear I could just move into that place. When the new catalog arrives at my mailbox, I am worse than a kid with this year's Christmas toy catalog!. I can't get enough of it!

And so, we headed there with the pretense that I was going to buy some new towels - that will be another post - but, I knew I would poke around to see what was on sale after Christmas also. Even though I do like to buy nice things after the holiday, if it is usable only for Christmas it has to be something really special because I already have so much. But, I am always looking for things that were left from Christmas that will work for other holidays and seasons through the year.

So this is what I left with. Can you see my vision?

Most of these goodies were Christmas items but I see them as Valentine's Day, St. Pat's Day, 4th of July and even autumn. I have had my eye on that large pot for awhile. It will probably be out in my house most of the year. I bought the larger of the the green mercury glass candle holders before Christmas, so now he has a friend. And who could pass up two more flameless candles at such a discount?

I did pull out my Valentine photos from last year and I have to admit I am beginning to get a bit excited about some new decor. I just have to bite the bullet. Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, as our temperatures are supposed to go into the 20s, I will light all of my Christmas lights and a fire in the fireplace and perhaps watch even one more Christmas movie before I bid farewell to such fond friends!

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