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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yeah Right!!!

What was he thinking???

My husband never fails to surprise me. Just when I thought we had gotten pretty comfortable in our "golden years" routine, he decides maybe we should go back to playing some games or doing puzzles instead of hunkering down for our favorite TV programs just ready for watching on one of our 3 TiVos!!!

So not wanting to dismiss his input, I headed out to find a puzzle we would like - and that Golden Retriever 1000 piece challenge looked just like one of  our favorite dogs, so it was a no-brainer!

I decided to set it up in the sun room where there is lots of light because gosh, those pieces are WAY smaller than I remember them being! I thought enough ahead to get out a piece of mat board so that, just in case this puzzle didn't get put together in a day or two, I could lift the whole thing - at whatever point it had gotten to - so that the kids and I could use this favorite area for our Valentine crafting - heck, maybe even our Easter, 4th of July or Christmas crafting depending on......

So here is the "new" sun room decor. We did actually sit there yesterday and got a few more pieces separated before he suggested we go watch something on TV - ha-ha! We shall see how long we persevere. If I remember correctly, I think I still have a few 100 piece children's' puzzles in the cabinet - or better yet, a 6 piece wooden shape puzzle from many years ago - baby steps where necessary! Stay tuned.


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