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Monday, March 3, 2014

Say Hello to my New Little Friends....

....and some of my old ones too-just in different places.

I changed out the shade on this lamp. I tried to find a new lamp as well, but the feel of this lamp mimics the feel of the baker's rack, so there really wasn't anything better. I do like the lamp a lot more now with the new shade.

Here is one of the lamps that I picked up just because I liked it. Wasn't really sure where it would work. It is a bit too short for this vignette but I like it now that it is on the riser. And, the burlap shade matches the shade on the big PB lamp and the darker wood matches some of the other pieces in the room. I think it pulls it all together and I like having a lamp on this side of the room.

When I first decorated for St. Pats, I didn't put up this banner. I found that I missed it and even though I no longer have the hutch where it originally hung, I like it here.

Don't those real green candles look so much better? The darker candle up high grounds all of the dark below. Now I have to find a better filler than those dried peas and beans.

I love the new off white candles in the dining room. They are once again the no-flame variety and I LOVE the fact that at a certain time of night, candles begin to flicker on all around my house - and that they go off by themselves 4 or 5 hours later!

O.K. I have two changes here. First, I painted an old lamp and shade that I had out in the garage to bring some light to this area. The shade is too big so when I run errands this week, I will be on the lookout for one more oval with straighter sides. And, I just couldn't handle that bare wall another minute, so I hung the St. Pats pictures.

Here is the floor lamp in this room. It's a good match to the one I just added, don't you think?

This little beauty will be arriving at my house soon. It was one of my birthday gifts. Of course it will be personalized with our name and marriage date and will take the place of the black framed subway art. Can't wait!

I have had the most wonderful week. First, we celebrated our grandson's 9th birthday with lunch at a favorite restaurant of his where he had the entire wait staff singing to him and a free cannoli. Then, that night, dinner at his house with his choice of menu-chicken tacos, chips and dip and Oreo birthday cake.

It turned into a Nerf birthday all around. We gave him another gun he had been hoping for (still don't like the gun idea but even I have caved on this one) and the go-to gift that I use a lot. I wrap a tissue box, tape a lot of bills together -and in this case added an I-tune gift card as well, stick them down into the box and attach a note that says "don't blow this all in one place". That way he has some cash as well to buy anything he would like and may not have received. I have given this idea to 4 different grandchildren and each one has loved it. You should see their faces as they start pulling out money-especially the younger ones who think you are giving them a fortune! Unfortunately, this time I was so excited about watching him do it that I forgot to take the reveal photos! But, his brother wasted NO time in coming up and asking me if I could give him the same gift for his next birthday-in November!

For some of us, a discarded box is as good as a gift!

Then the next day, my brother and sister-in-law took me down to Mt. Dora for my birthday. The weather was absolutely picture perfect -not a cloud in the bluest of blue skies. We did lots of talking, shopping and eating-this time out on the terrace of a French restaurant. It was lovely.

On the way home, we stopped by Harrison's Nerf birthday party-nine 9 year old boys with all of the energy that entails!

Then, on the next day of my birthday celebration (remember, we do it big in this family), Jennie and Presley came by early in the morning so we could start making decorations for the pre-school dinner auction coming up this week. After a bit, we drove up to Micanopy to pick up Hudson and off we headed to the first annual Ocala Strawberry Festival. It is great to see downtown Ocala so full and I love the energy that it has, There were crafts, bands, farmer's market booths, food, a children's area and, of course, strawberries. We were really hungry so we went to my favorite, Harrys, for a lovely late lunch outdoors so we could remain a part of all of the activity. It too was a picture perfect day.

And now today is finally my REAL day and I am enjoying another day of celebration. After church (where I was given a lovely bouquet of white roses), my husband and I again headed to downtown - and once again ate at Harrys at an outdoor table. We need to do that as often as possible these days because it turns to summer ALL TOO quickly around here. Then I got to spend the rest of the day just enjoying all of the things that I love to do.

Tomorrow we are off to Gainesville to celebrate with the gang up there. I told you I know how to milk it! After all of that celebrating, I need to go rest-ha ha! Guess my old age is showing. Stay tuned.

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