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Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Starting to Get my "Shamrock" On"

I spent the morning out buying more plants for the new garden and looking for all things green!! The "little people" will be here for our traditional celebration and Pinterest has really been my friend this year. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember - first with my girls and then the grand children. After all those years, it is hard to come up with new and fresh ideas.

But, with the help of my new trusty friend, I have found many. Last year we made rainbow spaghetti for dinner and leprechaun sandwiches for lunch.

  This year I am going down the rainbow path in another way. We will do another treasure hunt - this year rainbow themed so I looked for as many rainbow or green treats as I could find...and it was fun. Here is what I have so far but I will see what I can find to add tomorrow.

As we speak, rainbow ice cubes are in the freezer for our "rainbow water", I have green sherbet and lemon-lime soda for floats, the makings for a shamrock shake cake, shamrock shaped chips and green dip and the beginnings of green pasta, salad, broccoli, pot of gold garlic bread and a rainbow fruit salad ready to go. I have stuff for a quick craft and lime play dough. Hope it is enough to keep everyone busy for the day! I will be taking tons of photos so be ready. Stay tuned.

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