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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finally Finishing Up

So there isn't much left to show you. Let's get going...

The front entrance - pretty much status quo for St. Pat's Day.

Ditto for the guest bathroom.

And very simple in the sun room. I know I have told you before that the sun room is always the last room to be decorated - mostly because it is usually still FULL of the last holiday's decor as I unpack but haven't yet put away. Consequently, it gets the leftovers. I really should do this room up right because the little kids spend a lot of their time here when they are at our house. They do their crafts and most of their meals on the round table because they like to watch the birds outside the window . And, for some reason, they prefer this TV for their movies. Guess I should amp up my game in here. I will have to work on that!

Presley was with me for a few hours the other day and she found my box of St. Pat props. Of course she wasted NO time in trying them all out and getting a jump start on what she wants to wear when we have our St. Pats party and photo op!

At first she thought she wanted the tiara so she could be a princess but...

...that changed when she found the princess cowgirl hat - not to mention 100 lbs. of necklaces. And once she was feeling super confident in her choice...

...she had to "work it" a bit. She is a hoot. I love the things she comes up with. There will be more. Stay tuned.

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