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Saturday, March 8, 2014

One "Lucky" Gal!

So here is what I left you with the last time we "spoke". The hint and hope of what was to come.

And here we are 24 hours later. Got to say, this was a super easy one. I followed the same formula I always use: 1. Lay out your pattern 2. Decide on size of wood needed 3. Cut wood to size 4. Cut several pieces of lathing shorter than your finished product 5. Glue (I use wood glue) lathing strips on back to hold wood strips together - and I always nail as well. It really isn't necessary with the wood glue but you can keep moving on as the nails will hold the piece in place while the glue dries. Otherwise, just wait for the glue 7. Stain/paint your background piece. 8. Lay out pattern. In this case, I just traced around the letters with a white pencil. Sometimes you have to do the carbon transfer thing, but not today. 9. Fill in letters with paint - I used DecoArt shamrock green -how appropriate? 10. Affix horse shoe ( that had previously been painted gold. I used E-6000 and then put a gold screw into each of the holes. I also added a glittered shamrock that I had lying around. As soon as the green paint has cured, I am going to distress it a bit with sand paper. And, voila!!

As I told you, I had no clue where it was going to go. Started out looking for the usual places when I realized that most of them were now gone in our redesign. These pallet signs usually end up on the mantle but since this one was smaller, I thought it might go somewhere else - no such luck. But, LUCKY for me, I like it here.

We had a wonderful time at the Pre-school dinner/auction last night and I must say the decorations that my daughter (with a tiny bit of help from me) designed made that large room look beautiful - wish I had taken pictures but suffice it to say, much can still be done on a tight budget. The theme was "A Night to Remember" and the color palette was black and silver. We made LARGE urns and vases in black and filled them with large silver branches (and my trees got a trim in the process) and hung them with silver glittered stars. Many more silver stars were hung from the doorway. The other tables held clear vases full of white alstroemeria and wands of silver stars. The dinner was catered and delicious and the auction was a success! It really was a "night to remember".

The weather is so gorgeous that I am off to the garden and actually looking forward to beginning some spring clean up. So much more to come. Stay tuned.

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