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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Hippity' Hoppity...Easter's on Its Way"....

Wow! With all of the St. Pat's fun, designing new gardens, switching decor and just plain spring-has-sprung activity, I have not had a free moment. I FINALLY got the Easter decor out and if you are a faithful readers from years past, I think you will notice a bit of a  difference.

Every time my daughters come into the house, they comment on how much better the decorations look in person than on this blog. I had a "new eye" look back on my past Easters and, quite frankly, if you are still reading this, I am surprised. We can only hope that things looked better in real life!

I guess by now, you probably know that I am NOT a "pastel" kind of gal. They are beautiful colors and I know they are appropriate for this holiday, but I just have a terrible time decorating with them. And yes, I still love all of the vintage things and yes, they are always in pastels, but I still hit a brick wall this year. And so, I changed things up a bit - almost to the point of not using the vintage but I caved - and went mostly with a dark violet and spring green color palette and used lots of naturals to complement. So far all I have photographed is the living room so we will start there.

So this is where I ended up using most of my vintage Easter. Since it is the first thing you see when coming in the front door, I thought I could use it here and then change color directions as soon as you turn the corner.

 I am not loving the paper garland I have festooned around but it is Bethany Lowe that I found on sale after the holiday last year and since a few of these pieces are actually Bethany Lowe as well, it matches perfectly. If time is available, I may come up with a better use for it...we shall see!

I am usually not a fan of egg trees. Think I just figured out that that may be because they are always so "pastelly". Think I told you my daughter gave me some of the eggs she scooped up on sale last year and for some reason I liked this tree...guess it is because these eggs are a deeper - and shinier - color. Always learning new things about myself - good to see what makes me "tick"...and scary too at times!!

Always a special place for the most current bunny photos. Hope to get some new ones soon!

Once again, the realization that my hutch is gone became all too apparent when I started decorating. The hutch used to hold lots of "little things" and, since the goal is to no longer "clutter" with little things, I found myself walking around looking for just the right spot for some of my favorites. I think my MS inspired cabbage basket and glittered beeswax bunnies look right at home here!

Yes, I know that 2 of the egg lights are out. I have 3 sets of these lights and hundreds of replacement bulbs but wouldn't you know that this set uses a bulb I DON'T have. I have been on the lookout for a new set, but no luck so far. Until then, I am "coping" - haha.

I love this old bunny I bought so many years ago and he looks just right in the moss covered cloche set that daughter #1 gave me last year.

So I will be missing in action for the next week. Can't wait to share more Easter but life is interrupting as I head to NYC with daughters and grand daughters for 5 days of fun. I will have MUCH to share upon our return. Stay tuned.

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