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Monday, March 17, 2014

We Are Officially GREEN!

Wow, what a wonderful weekend we had! The little kids were here and we crammed in as much St. Pats as we possibly could!!

We started the day making t-shirts. This was the simplist thing ever and it was all kid made. I downloaded a shamrock shape, traced it on freezer paper, cut it out and ironed on shirts. Then, all they did was dip a pencil eraser in fabric paint and make dots around shape going from denser close to the pattern out to sparse.

When we were sure the paint was dry, they simply peeked off the shape.

I really love how they turned out and the kids were so proud of themselves. This would be cute with a heart for Valentines too!

We always like to make a craft for their parents that can serve as a decoration for the holiday but since this was so close to the real day and decorations would be soon coming down, we went with just green. Now it can be for St. Pats but will work for spring as well. We have done this idea a dozen times in all shapes and forms but it is so easy for the kids and they really can't do anything wrong. It is a no-brainer!

And they look so pretty when glittering at night!

Next we made chenille stem leprechauns. Hey, these guys look familiar!!

The kids thought this was the funniest thing ever!! I did too!

But Nana, what do we do with the leprechauns??? Oh, you'll see. First, we mix up the batter.

When that is ready, we frost.

Taste test always required!!

Second opinions always necessary!

So that's where they went! This is a shamrock shake cake. We are going to have it for dessert on March 17. It smelled so yummy while it was baking. Lots of minty goodness - can't wait!

Always the obligatory photo op. The kids really love getting their "Irish" on!!

Next gift for everyone was the Rolo pretzel candy decked out with a mint M&M.

Another no-fail project is making "smelly" play dough. The kids enjoy the making part almost as much as the playing but they really do enjoy lots of creative time with the dough. Always amazes me how long they will sit and play with it, This time we used lime (green) Kool Aid but we were UNDERwhelmed with the scent so we worked some mint extract into the dough and it was yummy!

Next, we made some shamrock tortilla chips to have with dip as an appetizer on St. Pats and then made leprechaun quesadillas for lunch.

These quesadillas were so good. Two small white tortillas filled with cheddar cheese topped with 2 spinach tortillas cut into a hat shape filled with cheddar glued together with more cheddar and then decorated with yet more cheese for the beard - what NOT to love? The kids put on 2 simple eyes with a food marker. We served them up with chips and a rainbow fruit kabob. Yum!!

Dinner started with a rainbow fruit salad that they made with Papa.

Entree was green pasta with pesto, broccoli and pot o'gold garlic bread.

Rainbow cubes in the water.

And to top it off, a shamrock shake with shamrock cookie for dessert.

What fun we had!!!

We ended the weekend with a treasure hunt. I found it on Pinterest and the kids followed the colors of the rainbow to each new clue and ultimately to their treasure at the end!

Hold on to your hat boys!!! I found the next clue! You can't tell it here, but she was really into this. She was running full speed ahead and was on to those clues like gang busters!

All's well that ends well. The treasure has been found.

What a fabulous weekend we had. Still have our celebration tomorrow to look forward to. But shhhh, don't tell anyone. I think we will order in Chinese. Think it will work if we just add a few drops of green food coloring - haha. More to come but I would say we are OFFICIALLY GREEN!! Stay tuned!

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