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Friday, July 1, 2011

Lost and Found

When you last saw this project, I told you I had misplaced its source but would try to find it. As I was going through my bookmarked ideas today, I happened upon a 4th of July blog party and found the source of this download. The idea originated at "the letter 4" blog. I wanted to make sure I passed that along to you as this is such an easy craft but still makes a statement. The only thing I did differently was to mat the flag on blue and then red cardstock. I think it gave it a bit more stability and helped make it pop.

I have a habit of perusing my favorite blogs as they post through my google reader. If I see anything I like, I usually "star" it. Then, when I have time, I go back and take a closer look and print any ideas I think I might actually act on. I must say that this morning I found so many 4th of July ideas that I am overwhelmed!!!

I have been searching for good ideas for at least a month. I like to make gifts and add new decor to my house. I was thinking that I was the only one decorating this year when the flood gates opened! Most of the new idea posts are just coming in. I get that as the 4th is this weekend but what I don't get is that if the blogger expects you to use her idea, why hasn't she given us more time. Now I know why HL already has Christmas items on the shelves. It is for the crafters who want to get an early start.

I must say that I have sooooo many new ideas that I wouldn't know where to start this late in the game so I won't be getting to any of them until next year but if you are on my gift list, you have much to look forward to! I'm just saying!! Stay tuned!

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