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Monday, July 25, 2011

No Interest in Pinterest....

...or so I thought. The mention of Pinterest has been floating around the blogs for awhile. I have seen it but I think I just thought of it as another photo program or something. Just kind of skipped over any detailed messaging about it.

Then, a week or so ago, my oldest daughter called and asked if I knew about it. She filled me in a bit and said she was addicted! Still, I really wasn't interested but I thought I would see about joining and find out what all of the scuttlebutt was about. Still not excited.

I soon received my invitation to join-yes, they are fancy, schmancy and require that you be invited. You have to join through either facebook or twitter and I am truly not interested in either, so once again it went by the wayside.

I think I mentioned that all of the girls would be through town at one point or another this weekend. Well, Kris convinced me that she could set me up a facebook page that I would never need to use again once I had signed up so I said O.K.

She got me up and running and I am afraid she has now created a monster. At first I still wasn't too excited but the more I played with it, the more enamored I became. I soon discovered that instead of "starring" a blog, and going back to them periodically to print ideas as I used to do, I could simply "pin it" to begin with. I can't pull myself away from Pinterest-hence this feeble attempt at a post today. And which of my files do you think is already overflowing and I'm just beginning? Right you are-Halloween!

Hopefully you will reap the benefits of all of this pinning as I come away with many new and exciting ideas. Stay tuned -and start PINNING!

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