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Monday, July 11, 2011

Christmas in July?

What is everyone talking about? I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but if I am going to start planning for a future holiday in the middle of the summer, you can bet it will be HALLOWEEN!

In fact, that is precisely the reason I didn't get any of my "to-dos" crossed off of my list this weekend. You see, I subscribe to as many "Halloween blogs" as I can find and just recently, they have all begun to come to life and are posting new ideas for this year. That's all it took to get me off on a tangent! Before I could help myself, I was digging into all of my old files and clippings and making lists of ideas for the next celebration. This has to be an early start record even for me!

Now I know that it seems WAY TOO SOON to be doing this, but you have to remember that I make the kid's costumes as well as my husband's and my own, so as soon as anyone comes forth with her/his idea, I will begin sewing. I like to have my gifts and new decor items done by that time. In fact, last weekend while we were all celebrating the 4th, ideas for costumes were already beginning to float around!

Plus, I am hoarding a gift card to "The Barn" waiting for their incredible Halloween displays to be brought out. I am always the one jumping the gun. Some shop keepers look at me like I am crazy when I ask about Halloween in July, but come on people!!!! So much to little time!

If I am absent for awhile, come and look for me. I fear my family may be planning an intervention of some sort. Is there a treatment center for the "Halloween impaired"? Wait, I can see it now. All decked out in orange and black. I can hang some spider webs from the corner of the room and then....but I digress. It promises to be a long, black and orange (and I think I'll throw in some purple and green this year too) summer. I will share any and all ideas as soon as I get them Stay tuned.

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