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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Days!

The above photo kind of says it all. A hint of the future with the last of the hydrangea blooms but the glow if the 4th still in the background.

I am having the laziest of weekends. Looking around and seeing so much to be done - including taking down my 4th of July decorations - but somehow giving myself permission to "enjoy the moment" instead. Besides, it IS still July! Even though these decorations have been up since May, I'm really not tired of them yet although they are in need of a good dusting if they are to stay up much longer. Hmmm, clean or take down? That is the question!

We are not only in our typical summer weather pattern of afternoon rain, but are getting some additional rain earlier in the day as well. All things put together, it makes for wonderful lazy days. We are watching some movies we missed at the theaters, catching up on lots of reading and magazine perusing and basically enjoying some down time that we haven't had in awhile.

I know I have to get back on track tomorrow as appointments, errands and commitments await, but until then, I am enjoying doing nothing....hope you're having one of those rare weekends as well! Life begins again soon. Stay tuned!

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